America's morality is reaching 'biblical proportions'

America's morality is reaching 'biblical proportions'

America's morality is reaching 'biblical proportions'

The founder of the nation's first association of Christian lawmakers says believers must get and stay involved in politics.

Jason Rapert, founder and president of the National Association of Christian Lawmakers (NACL), says the June 8-10 meeting at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia is the fifth national conference.

"This is our 2023 National Policy Conference," he notes.

Twice a year, local, state, and federal election officials meet together with policymakers and policy activists from throughout the country to address what the NACL sees as "the major policy issues in our country" from a biblical worldview.

"We debate together in seven different committees," Rapert details, "and the entity produces model legislation that can be filed back across the country at various jurisdictions."

While some legislators and citizens do not think Christians ought to be involved in politics, Rapert submits that it is vitally important.

Rapert, Jason (R-AR) Rapert

"We are experiencing in this nation a virtual spiritual civil war at this point," he laments. "You read the Bible today, and you look and you can see where there was child sacrifice, but I don't think you'll ever find in the scripture that there were places where people were genitally mutilating children, trying to change them from males to females and females into males. We have reached a level of immorality and I believe absolute debauchery in this country that is almost reaching biblical proportions."

With politicians and especially one political party holding up Sodom and Gomorrah, Rapert says, "We have to take a stand."

AFA Action's Jameson Taylor, Ph.D agrees, which is why his organization is a sponsor of the NACL and its meeting.

Taylor, Dr. Jameson (AFA Action) Taylor

"It is no longer enough for state lawmakers simply to say that they go to church and pray," Taylor asserts. "We have had enough of lawmakers who are Christian in name only. What we need are Christian lawmakers who are in politics to serve God and to stand up for the truth. We need lawmakers with courage -- those who are going to be willing to stand up to the lies of the Marxist Left."

Because the National Association of Christian Lawmakers does exactly that, it has the support of AFA Action.

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