Activist: FBI's Wray should be obeying Congress, not 'calling the shots'

Activist: FBI's Wray should be obeying Congress, not 'calling the shots'

Activist: FBI's Wray should be obeying Congress, not 'calling the shots'

A tea party activist argues there is no excuse for the FBI to defy Congress in its request to turn over documents that implicate President Biden in an alleged criminal scheme.

Rep. James Comer (R-Kentucky), chair of the House Oversight Committee, said today that he plans to begin the process of holding FBI Director Christopher Wray (pictured above) in contempt of Congress. That move comes despite Comer being briefed by Bureau officials about – and being allowed to view – the subpoenaed document alleging Joe Biden was involved in a criminal bribery scheme on Capitol Hill.

The document (an FBI form FC-1023) allegedly describes a $5 million criminal scheme involving then-Vice President Joe Biden and a foreign national relating to the exchange of money for policy decisions. Despite being briefed and allowed to view the FBI form, Comer said Monday that the Bureau is still not in compliance with the subpoena to turn over the physical document to the committee.

AFN talked with Tom Zawistowski, president of the Ohio-based We the People Convention, who argues Christopher Wray has no right to dictate the terms.

"The entire FBI was created by Congress and is funded by Congress – and he reports to them; they don't report to him," Zawistowski emphasizes. "That's a problem for me."

Zawistowski, Tom (We the People Convention) Zawistowski

He adds being "very concerned" about redactions Wray claims need to remain in the document in order to protect sources and means. "That's just a lie," says the conservative activist.

But according to Zawistowski, another twist to the story isn't getting as much attention.

"… A lot of people believe that the Deep State wants to get rid of Joe Biden," he tells AFN. "All of a sudden, these whistleblowers show up from the FBI [and] the IRS about Hunter Biden's IRS tax issues and about these documents."

He wonders if Wray and the Deep State are trying to get rid of Biden – or if they're trying to protect him. "There's a lot of people who believe they're trying to get rid of him right now," he adds.

Last month, Comer and his fellow Republicans on the House Oversight Committee detailed during a press conference the evidence that had been uncovered during an investigation into the Biden family's "influence peddling" schemes; and they pointed to financial records tracing at least $10 million from foreign nationals and related companies to the Bidens, their associates, and their companies.