Sex-related decisions don't outrank religious liberty

Sex-related decisions don't outrank religious liberty

Sex-related decisions don't outrank religious liberty

California is on the verge of passing what a legal organization says is an unconstitutional effort to keep Christians from caring for foster children.

Though the state has a serious shortage of families willing to take in foster children, the General Assembly is considering a bill that would eliminate most Christian families from the system.

Greg Burt of the California Family Council tells AFN current law already requires foster parents to undergo pro-LGBT training, but SB 407 goes a step further, requiring that "they commit to being supportive and encouraging to their foster kid no matter what sexual behavior, no matter what gender identity, no matter what sexual orientation they seek to embrace."

For Bible-believing Christians, of course, appreciating one's struggle with sin is one thing, but desires of the flesh are not idolized.

Pacific Justice Institute has already warned lawmakers that the measure they are considering is unconstitutional. In a letter to the members of the committee, they make note of a case in which the U.S. Supreme Court decided Philadelphia had to allow Catholic Social Services to place children.

Burt, Greg (California Family Council) Burt

"The Supreme Court says you can't discriminate against folks who have religious views that you don't like," Burt relays. "You need to find a way to accommodate those views. As our Constitution says, you protect religious liberty; you've got to protect people's ability to live out their faith, and that includes when they want to be foster parents."

The bill is sponsored by Senator Scott Wiener (D), an open homosexual who claims 30% of the children in the foster care system are LGBT and need protection from physical and psychological abuse coming from non-affirming foster parents.