Should transgenders 'shape nation's soul' and college dorm policy?

Should transgenders 'shape nation's soul' and college dorm policy?

University of Pennsylvania swimmer Will Thomas, who identifies as "Lia," is pictured during an NCAA swim tournament. A federal lawsuit is challenging a Biden administration rule that forces colleges to allow biological males to live in girls' dormitories. 

Should transgenders 'shape nation's soul' and college dorm policy?

The nation’s highest court is being asked to take up a lower court ruling and to ultimately rule college women have a fundamental right to privacy and safety in their dormitories and shower.

College of the Ozark’s appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court, which was filed in February, comes after the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals concluded the Missouri school cannot sue the Biden administration over a transgender-friendly policy that affects every college dormitory in the nation, and even fines colleges and universities for not complying.

With legal help from Alliance Defending Freedom, the famous College of the Ozarks is suing to stop U.S. Housing and Urban Development for enforcing an executive order from President Biden that redefines “gender identity” to benefit transgenders.

For the college, that directive affects approximately 1,300 students but many more campuses are watching the case and support the lawsuit. In support of College of the Ozarks, 19 states, multiple Christian colleges, and numerous advocacy groups have submitted friend-of-the-court briefs to the Supreme Court asking it to take up the case.

In one brief, submitted by the State of Missouri, Attorney General Jeff Johnson warns the case involves “an expansion of federal power and the federal government’s outright failure to address, let alone balance, antidiscrimination policy and interests with religious beliefs.”

Blake, Julie (ADF) Blake

Under the transgender-crazed Biden administration, that “balance” leans only in one direction. “Transgender Americans shape our Nation's soul,” Biden declared in the “Transgender Day of Visibility” proclamation signed last week.

ADF attorney Julie Marie Blake tells AFN President Biden’s executive order is “punishing” religious schools because of their biblical beliefs about marriage and biological sex.

“This government overreach,” she insists, “must be stopped."