Blaming society, ignoring responsibility isn't biblical

Blaming society, ignoring responsibility isn't biblical

Blaming society, ignoring responsibility isn't biblical

Though body slamming a woman on a concrete sidewalk and robbing her was his third violent felony in the last two months, a judge has caved to pressure and cut a Houston teen's bail in half – a decision with which one Christian attorney does not agree.

17-year-old Joseph Harrell is accused of following his victim for 24 miles before body slamming her to the ground during a "jugging" robbery, breaking her back and paralyzing the mother of three from the arms down. Bail had been set at $200,000 the week before, but his lawyer argued that the teen could not afford it and that it was unnecessary, as he was going to be supervised by an ankle monitor and his family under house arrest anyway.

American Family Radio's Jenna Ellis, an attorney who served as the senior legal adviser and personal counsel to President Trump, says judges are under pressure from every direction to be lenient on certain offenders.

"There's been huge pressure on judges to go along with a district attorney's recommendation, if that is a Soros funded DA who would make a recommendation to lower bond, or even from the defense bar," she relays.

Ellis, Jenna Ellis

Judge Kristin Guiney caved – even considering that Harrell had just been released on a $100 bond for an unlawful carrying of a weapon charge and was also facing a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon stemming from a recent third felony.

"When we see these types of repeat offenders who go out and perpetrate these types of actions against victims that would have otherwise been completely spared, I mean, this was completely preventable," the radio host submits.

The Left claims that a racist and discriminatory society is what causes young men like Harrell to commit such crimes, which means they deserve only mercy. But Ellis points out that while the Bible does encourage mercy, it also grants government the power of the sword.

"The Bible says that God, through his ultimate, full, and sufficient, legitimate power, has delegated certain responsibilities here on earth to civil society," she references. "We see that in Romans 13, that a just, right, moral, and upright government will carry the sword."

Harrell is now being held on a combined $130,000 bond for the aggravated robbery on Feb. 13 and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon on Feb. 25.