Law firm says get ready for IRS audit in name of racial 'equity'

Law firm says get ready for IRS audit in name of racial 'equity'

Law firm says get ready for IRS audit in name of racial 'equity'

A law firm suspects the Internal Revenue Service is auditing taxpayers who are white and Asian in the name of racial equity, an allegation that comes after President Biden ordered the federal government – for the second time – to address race and equity.

Reacting to President Biden’s newly-signed executive order, America First Legal Foundation has sent a Freedom of Information Act request to the Treasury Department asking how it intends to follow through on Biden’s orders as outlined in the executive order.

John Zadrozny, deputy director of investigations at America First Legal, says the suspicion comes from references to “algorithmic discrimination” in the EO and from race-based public comments from prominent Treasury Department officials dating back several years.

"They want to have a ‘racialization’ of tax policy. You have people in the Treasury Department talking about this incessantly,” Zadrozny says. “In fact, they consider this one of their biggest priorities, to make sure that the tax code is enforced with equity in mind."

In its FOI request, America First Legal reminds the IRS the law firm has been paying close attention to the federal government’s new focus on race going back to Biden’s 2021 executive order. Tax returns are supposed to be selected randomly for audits, which increases the public’s belief that a fair tax system, the letter states, but top Treasury Department officials have openly stated they are “examining the tax system through a racial equity lens.”

In the executive order President Biden signed Feb. 16, the race-obsessed administration brags that it has addressed America’s “equity” issues since the first day Biden took office, when he signed an executive order recognizing discrimination and “systemic racism.” The executive order goes on and on for 700-plus words and 55 lines recalling federal laws and executive actions to address racial inequity but, unfortunately, all of that effort has not achieved the desired goals, the document concludes.

In light of that, this second executive order goes on to state the nation’s minorities “still confront significant barriers to realizing the full promise of our great Nation, and the Federal Government has a responsibility to remove these barriers.”

Farther down in the new executive order, it mentions “algorithmic discrimination” which means - according to the federal government – when “automated systems contribute to unjustified different treatment or impacts” against certain people.

It is not clear how a neutral automated system is discriminating against people, which is why America First Legal and others are concerned when the federal government defines "equity.”

"Equity is a Marxist-undertoned word,” Zadrozny warns, “that is intended to convey a sense the government will reach into situations, and use race or religion or other factors, to put pressure on people and basically exact revenge for some past problem."

Back in the 2021, the Biden administration attempted to address racial discrimination against black farmers by blocking white farmers from applying for $4 billion in USDA disaster relief loans. That race-based loan program was included in the American Rescue Act but white farmers sued in a class-action lawsuit that was dropped when USDA pulled the race-based program.

In the case of the IRS, Zadrozny suspects the IRS plans to use the auditing process like a “racial bludgeon” to address racial inequality.

"This violates the Civil Rights Act and several other federal statutes,” he insists.