First Liberty follows through with legal action

First Liberty follows through with legal action

First Liberty follows through with legal action

A defender of the First Amendment is representing a physician assistant in her federal lawsuit against her former employer.

Valerie Kloosterman claims Michigan Health fired her for seeking a religious accommodation from using biology-obscuring pronouns and referring patients for sex-obscuring procedures and experimental drugs.

Toney, Kayla (First Liberty) Toney

"We're bringing First Amendment claims, including the free exercise clause and the free speech clause," details associate counsel Kayla Toney of First Liberty Institute, the law firm representing Kloosterman. "We're also suing under Title VII, which is the federal statute that protects employees from religious discrimination in the workplace."

Prior to filing the lawsuit, First Liberty sent a demand letter warning the University of Michigan Health System that legal action would be taken if Kloosterman was not immediately reinstated.

"She should not have to choose between her faith and her livelihood," Toney contends.

When asked to comment on the demand letter, Michigan Health told AFN in September that it "is committed to providing appropriate medical treatment to all patients and respects the religious beliefs of its employees."

"Our organization does not discuss personnel issues and as such, has no further comment," said Michigan Health.

A date has not yet been set for proceedings in the case, which has been filed in the Western District of Michigan.