Dallas City Council decides to ignore state laws

Dallas City Council decides to ignore state laws

Dallas City Council decides to ignore state laws

A traditional values group says another city in Texas is using the abortion issue to play political games.

The Dallas City Council has followed Austin's lead in overwhelmingly passing a resolution that supports abortion and calls on city authorities to not enforce the state's court-supported and life-affirming laws.

Covey, Jonathan (Texas Values) Covey

"The Human Life Protection Act and other things, including the Texas Heartbeat Act, say that abortion is illegal in the state of Texas," notes Jonathan Covey of Texas Values. "But this is the Dallas City Council saying that they formally condemn any action intended to breach what they call a fundamental liberty, which, of course, the Supreme Court has said abortion is not a fundamental liberty."

That conflict lays the path for lawsuits to sort out which entity is responsible for enforcement or exempt from the law of the land.

"This is political posturing," Covey adds. "It's a political statement, and they're on really shaky legal grounds. They're potentially wasting thousands of taxpayer dollars, and in the process, they're denying science, they're denying the fact that women deserve more. They're hurting women."

While cities in the state argue about the enforcement issue, Texas Values is one of many groups that will connect women with resources to help them carry their children to term.