Millstones-R-Us: Sex shop owner inviting children to sex-ed class

Millstones-R-Us: Sex shop owner inviting children to sex-ed class

Millstones-R-Us: Sex shop owner inviting children to sex-ed class

The owner of a raunchy sex shop, who is inviting children as young as nine to attend sex-ed workshops, could be violating Washington state’s child exploitation laws, says a West Coast attorney.

Jenn Mason, who owns the shop named Wink Wink, is defiantly planning to host workshops next month called “Uncringe Academy” despite public outcry about inviting innocent children to such an inappropriate venue.

The first of two three-hour sessions is scheduled to begin August 10 for children ages 9-12.

If the public is waiting for Mason to rethink her plans, that is quite unlikely since Wink Wink describes itself as an “all ages” sex shop.

“There is no law or store policy that sets an age limit for our customers,” the store’s website states, according to a story by Live Action.

Mason, Jenn Mason

It doesn’t help that Mason sits on the local public school board, where she is serving her first term, and where her Bellingham Public Schools biography calls her a “small business owner” but doesn’t mention her perverse shop.

Reacting to the controversy, Brad Dacus of the Pacific Justice Institute tells AFN that Mason is skating on thin ice from a legal standpoint.

"This school board member, who owns this sex shop,” he says, “could be potentially criminally prosecuted under Washington Code RCW 9.68A, which makes it very clear that it is illegal to provide minors with materials for immoral purposes."

That section of Washington law covers “Sexual Exploitation of Children,” which ranges from possession and distribution of child pornography to barring minors under age 18 from entering a strip club. In a preface to the lengthy section of state law, the legislation states “the care of children is a sacred trust and should not be abused by those who seek commercial gain or personal gratification based on the exploitation of children.”

Dacus, Brad (PJI) Dacus

The advertisement for “Uncringe Academy” says tickets cost as much as $50 per child. 

Mason can probably expect to make a lot of money, too, since liberal parents in the area will presumably send their children to support what Mason calls “sex education that’s based in empowerment and information, rather than shame, fear, and judgment.”

According to the Live Action story, citing the “Uncringe” website, topics the children will sit through include “sexual anatomy for pleasure” and “kinds of solo and partnered sexual activities.”

The Live Action story points out that “consent” is mentioned  numerous times, too, but the youngest children aren’t covered under Washington’s consent laws which begin at age 16.

Dacus says parents who allow their children to attend deserve to be investigated for abuse and neglect.