Women unite to defend Title IX, defeat attempt to redefine it

Women unite to defend Title IX, defeat attempt to redefine it

Will Thomas, a male who identifies as a woman named "Lia," competes with female athletes at an NCCA swim meet for the University of Pennsylvania. 

Women unite to defend Title IX, defeat attempt to redefine it

June 23 will mark 50 years since Title IX was enacted to benefit and protect female athletes, and the left-wing plan to change its meaning is drawing the attention of right-leaning groups as well as liberal feminists.

Christiana Kiefer, an attorney at Alliance Defending Freedom, says Title IX was designed to stop sex discrimination against women and to ensure they enjoy equal educational opportunities in high school and college.

“Not just equal educational opportunities with young men, but also equal athletic opportunities, which plays a significant role in their future career opportunities," Kiefer says. "More than 90% of female executives did play sports."

Kiefer, Christiana (ADF) Kiefer

A half-century ago, Democrats and Republicans in Congress worked together to pass Title IX after feminists organized and marched to demand equality. In a cultural flip-flop, however, the Biden administration is twisting Title IX to demand that transgender females – men – participate with females and compete against them. That allowance, says Kiefer, is a direct violation of a female athlete's Title IX rights.

In fact, ADF has gone to court for female athletes who say their Title IX rights have been violated.

"It is something that everyone ought to be concerned about," says Kiefer. "If we want a future where we can still see young women on the podium, setting records, earning those championship titles, competing at the Olympic level, the list goes on, then we have to protect the integrity of women's sports."

The anniversary of Title IX, and the left-wing effort to redefine it for today’s woke culture, are drawing attention from other groups such as the Independent Women’s Forum.

"Competitive sport is a zero-sum game where some athletes make the cut and others do not. Someone wins and others lose,” the group said in a statement. “In a zero-sum competition, the inclusion of male-bodied athletes in women's sport inevitably denies opportunities to female athletes.”

Women’s Liberation Front, a left-wing feminist group, is also demanding justice for human beings with two “X” chromosomes. In particular, the group says women should be outraged that a male collegiate swimmer, Will Thomas, is swimming against females and setting records at swim meets.

"The harms of male participation in female-only sports,” the group says, “are documented and real.”