VA school sued by ex-principal who refused to bow to CRT

VA school sued by ex-principal who refused to bow to CRT

VA school sued by ex-principal who refused to bow to CRT

A former assistant principal, Emily Mais, is taking a Virginia school board to court after being forced to sit through radical "anti-racist" training tied to Critical Race Theory.

Mais claims she was harassed and forced out of her job after questioning race-based teaching training. This training is tied to Critical Race Theory, which stipulates that racist actions can only be done by the “dominant race”— specifically white people who must acknowledge their racism. 

Furthermore, the training “attributes negative characteristics to some people and positive characteristics to others based solely on their race.”

As a result of her harassment, Mais filed a lawsuit against the Albermarle County School Board.

Attorney Kate Anderson of Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), the law firm representing Mais, says the lawsuit is important to more people than just a frustrated assistant principal. 

"...Because we’re seeing school districts across the country adopt policies," she argues, "that discriminate against students; treat them differently based on their race; tell them what they can and cannot achieve purely about the color of their skin; and engage in racial stereotyping.”

Mais has worked at the school since 2005, beginning as the assistant principal in 2012. She resigned in September 2021 as a result of the school’s harassment.

“The training sets up a classic Catch-22,” Anderson explained in an ADF statement. “It encourages all staff members to ‘speak their truth,’ but when a white person like Emily raises concerns about the divisive content, she is deemed a racist in need of further ‘anti-racism’ instruction.”

That description, in fact, is a summary of the Marxist-based Critical Race Theory ideology in action: The only "truth" to be accepted is that white people are inherently racist, and the anti-white teaching allows them to admit their guilt. In a sinister circular argument, denying that "truth" proves why the training is necessary. 

AFN reached out to the Albermarle County School Board and received the following response:

We have not yet been formally served in this case, so we have not had a full opportunity to review its allegations. Our only point of reference at this point is what has appeared in the media. We are looking forward to the opportunity in the future to review its claims in depth and to respond in the appropriate legal forum.

The lawsuit is filed in the circuit court of Albermarle County, Virginia.