Perkins: Science is on our side

Perkins: Science is on our side

Perkins: Science is on our side

A pro-family organization is suing the Biden administration for extending the federal mask mandates for airlines.

Family Research Council (FRC) Action, which is the legislative affiliate of Family Research Council (FRC), has filed a federal lawsuit against the Biden administration in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas over the federal mask mandate on all airplanes. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of FRC Action, two FRC Action members who live in Texas, and a child.

Perkins, Tony (FRC - mug shot) Perkins

Tony Perkins, who is participating in the case both as president of FRC Action and as the father of the child, is outraged that the Biden administration recently extended the mandate from March 18th to April 18th.

"We don't know if this will ever end, so we're taking it to court because it is not based on the science," Perkins asserts. "It is based on pure desire for political power, and we want to see an end to it."

The case, however, will be argued on the basis of real science.

"We actually have the science that shows not only is it ineffective, but it's actually harmful, especially for children," Perkins notes. "There are harmful effects as a result of these masks, so we're leaning in on the science, the very thing that those that are pushing these mandates say they are using as the justification. The reality is they don't have the science behind them; we have the science, and that's what we're producing to the court."

FRC Action has crafted a unique suit that Perkins believes will successfully take down this mask mandate from the federal government.