Air Force officer gets temporary win in fight over Jab

Air Force officer gets temporary win in fight over Jab

Air Force officer gets temporary win in fight over Jab

A religious liberty law firm says it won a court victory this week in the fight against COVID-19 inoculation mandates in the U.S. armed forces.

U.S. District Judge Tilman Self has granted a preliminary injunction against the Department of Defense on behalf of an Air Force Reserve officer who was denied a religious exemption from The Jab.

Steve Crampton, senior counsel at the Thomas More Society, says the law firm filed suit on behalf of a 25-year Air Force officer who objects because she says the vaccine is connected to abortion.

“That is front and center for our client,” he says. 

Crampton, Steve (Thomas More Society) Crampton

According to Thomas More, the Air Force officer was told to get the controversial vaccine despite recovering from the virus in 2020 and therefore having natural immunity. She tested positive for the virus-killing antibodies last year but was informed in December her religious exemption request had been denied.

Crampton says the U.S. Air Force is attempting to force a healthy officer to get an “experimental injection” when there is documented proof it is risky.

“It appears as if, from the White House right on down to every military base in the country, there is a concerted and calculated effort to run out of the services those faithful dedicated service men and women who have sincere religious beliefs,” the attorney warns. “And the word that just comes to my mind: disgraceful."

The beginning of the end?

Crampton says this ruling could set a precedent that will help other challenges to the vaccine mandates in the military.

"Anywhere that a plaintiff can show that the military has granted those exemptions, medical or administrative, but denied religious exemptions, they can import our argument wholesale," he explains. "So, in that sense this case stands as a great precedent that we hope will really benefit service members everywhere."

Staver, Mat (Liberty Counsel) Staver

Mat Staver is founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, which is representing Navy SEALS who are suing against the mandate. He concurs, stating that every win for a member of the military is a win for other members as well.

"In fact, we have sent this particular order to our judge because we have an eminent ruling that could happen in the next few days," Staver tells AFN. "It just adds another nail in the coffin, frankly, of the conclusion of these abusive mandates."

The Liberty Counsel is optimistic for service men and women who are challenging the mandate. "I believe that we will strike them down because clearly the military and the Department of Defense are violating the law," the attorney adds.

2/18/2022 - Additional comments from attorneys Crampton and Staver added.