An army of holdouts fight Pentagon-approved bullying and threats

An army of holdouts fight Pentagon-approved bullying and threats

An army of holdouts fight Pentagon-approved bullying and threats

A massive class-action lawsuit has been filed against President Joe Biden and the Pentagon on behalf of military service members, federal employees, and federal civilian contractors, who are asking a federal court to protect them from The Jab in a sickening environment of threats, bullying and coercion.

The federal lawsuit was filed by Liberty Counsel in Tampa, where a judge has set a preliminary injunction hearing.

Liberty Counsel attorney Mat Staver tells American Family News that hearing is coming soon.

“And then we're also looking at possibly a temporary restraining order in the meantime,” Staver advises, “but our injunction hearing is being fast-tracked and this case will move quite quickly."

According to The Epoch Times, hundreds of thousands of military service members remain unvaccinated as deadlines set by the branches quickly approach in November and December. 

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has ordered The Jab for every active-duty member of the U.S. armed forces, where more than 90% have reportedly complied with that order rather than face outright threats from their superiors, and even from chaplains, for failing to roll up their sleeve and submit to the experimental shot.

Yet some are not submitting and Liberty Counsel says its list of military plaintiffs in the lawsuit are two Navy SEALs; a Navy EOD officer; a Navy senior chief petty officer; a Navy chaplain; two Marine lieutenant colonels; two Marine lance corporals; an Air Force major; an Air Force technical sergeant; an Army National guardsman; an Army colonel; and a Coast Guard lieutenant. 

Numerous non-military civilian contractors are plaintiffs in the lawsuit, too.

Staver, Mat (Liberty Counsel) Staver

According to a sworn statement from the Navy chaplain, that plaintiff has personally observed “tremendous amounts of coercion, bullying, censorship, and intimidation being brought forth by the command to bear against the personnel who expressed objections of any kind to the COVID shot mandates, including religious objections.”

American Family News has reported chaplains themselves appear to be under pressure from their superiors to grill military personnel, who are seeking a religious exemption, in a blatant effort to block those requests from going up the chain of command.

First Liberty Institute attorney Mike Berry described a similar scenario to Fox News this week, too. He said that non-profit law firm is representing Navy SEALs who have been told their religious objections will be ignored and they will be punished. 

According to Staver, the Pentagon is threatening real-life heroes --- some with multiple deployments and years of military service --- with the black mark of dishonorable discharge if they refuse to submit to the COVID shot.

"What is happening in the military, particularly in the military,” he warns, “is absolutely shocking and it is an abuse of our military heroes."