Regulations needed in medical 'Wild Wild West'

Regulations needed in medical 'Wild Wild West'

Regulations needed in medical 'Wild Wild West'

A Texas court has sided with a mother who wants her son to transition to a girl, and a conservative attorney warns that more people will take advantage of the system until and unless lawmakers make some changes.

James Younger's father, who opposes the transition, has been granted limited visitation in the latest development in the case that has been in and out of court for months. Jonathan Saenz of Texas Values says unless Governor Greg Abbott (R), the Texas House, and the state Senate step in, issues such as this one will not go away.

"You will see more and more people take advantage of the absence of regulations in the law," warns Saenz. "More young people will be going through these transitions. Boys will be forced to be turned into girls."

Medical experts in favor of or open to transition procedures claim the process is becoming more common and that the science is changing. Saenz sees things differently.

"I was at a legislative hearing on this issue … and the medical community that's involved in having these kids mutilate their bodies and go through transitions [say] it's like the Wild Wild West," he relays. "There are no regulations in place."

Saenz adds that there are many things kids 17 years old and younger are not allowed that are common sense. "This should be one of them," he concludes.