In response to the left's push for 'the last thing we need'

In response to the left's push for 'the last thing we need'

In response to the left's push for 'the last thing we need'

Various organizations are encouraging a broad coalition of Americans to join a statement warning against the president's push for Supreme Court reforms.

A commission created by President Joe Biden is discussing reforms like the idea of adding justices to the Supreme Court. First Liberty Institute is opposed to the idea of so-called court-packing, saying it aims to dismantle the court, change the court, and reform the court to get the results certain politicians want.

"What the founders understood more than anything else is how important an independent judiciary is as the last safeguard to our civil liberties," says First Liberty attorney Jeremy Dys. "So, the last thing we need right now is a coup on the Supreme Court. But that's exactly what the left is pushing for."

Other groups and leaders participating in the coalition include the American Family Association, Dr. James Dobson, Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, and David Barton of WallBuilders. 

Over 20,000 citizens have already signed onto the public comment, which will be delivered to the Presidential Commission on Supreme Court of the United States later this year. 

"I would invite folks to sign up on this public comment to make your voice heard," says Dys. "Tell this commission ... that they need to leave the judiciary alone, preserve its independence, and allow our democracy to proceed as it has for almost 200 years now."

The letter reads in part: 

Partisan 'court reform' proposals threaten the civil liberties of all Americans, and the political manipulation of our judiciary threatens the integrity of our constitutional democracy. An overwhelming majority of Americans reject proposals to 'reform' the Supreme Court of the United States by adding to the number of justices and by limiting judicial review.

If politically motivated schemes to reform the Supreme Court are successful, the judiciary will no longer be a safeguard of our civil liberties. Instead, it will be little more than a political tool of the executive and legislative branches used to crush the freedom of all Americans.