'Trans rights' in the making at the White House

'Trans rights' in the making at the White House

'Trans rights' in the making at the White House

The Biden administration might find itself in court to defend its pro-transgender actions that encourage children to incriminate their own schools.

At the end of June, some top Biden administration officials participated in an online event in which they threatened to take action against states that block biological men from competing as females in girls' sports – including, potentially, withholding Title IX funds. (See White House fact sheet)

Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel tells One News Now that's nothing short of heavy-handed intimidation.

"Essentially what they want to do is override all these state laws that are protecting girls so [biological males] can literally participate and excel in the girls' sports," says the attorney. "They want to literally allow men to invade the girls' sports to take their records, to take their opportunities, to take their place."

Staver, Mat (Liberty Counsel) Staver

The administration is asking transgender students to report their schools if boys aren't allowed to compete against girls.

"… It's the same kind of mentality you see coming from Joe Biden recently with regard to sending people door to door to persuade them [or] threaten them to get the COVID shots against their will," Staver suggests.

"But this is the kind of mentality that you have in the Biden administration that frankly disregards freedom and has a very radical agenda it wants to impose on every single person."

As for forcing schools to let males into female sports, Staver suggests the states won't tolerate being bullied and will sue the administration.