Regarding faith in the workplace...

Regarding faith in the workplace...

Regarding faith in the workplace...

Pacific Justice Institute has formed a working partnership with an organization who unites, equips, and represents Christian-owned businesses to protect religious freedom and provide the opportunity for employees, businesses, and communities to flourish.

Brad Dacus, president and founder of Pacific Justice Institute (PJI), tells One News Now many businesses are unaware of the "potential with regard to faith in the workplace." He says business owners are often led to believe they have to leave their faith at the front door of their business and that they cannot share their faith without somehow violating the law.

But the Christian Employers Alliance (CEA)knows better and is sharing the truth.

"The reality is they have tremendous rights legally, and, in fact, tremendous opportunities socially to live their faith, share their faith unapologetically, and yet do so in a manner that does not infringe upon the rights of others, including employees or customers," says Dacus.

Dacus, Brad (PJI) Dacus

"CEA is proud to partner with PJI in our shared mission to support religious freedom for Christian business owners to live out their faith publicly—every day in their businesses – not just privately in their homes and churches." says CEA President, Shannon Royce.

Dacus invites anyone who wants more information on how to live their faith in the workplace to subscribe to receive PJI's quarterly newsletter, Faith in the Workplace, as well as the two-part training video that trains business owners on how they can legally live their faith in the workplace.