No vacation for the agenda: 'Pride' push prevails, even when school is out

No vacation for the agenda: 'Pride' push prevails, even when school is out

No vacation for the agenda: 'Pride' push prevails, even when school is out

Even though many schools are out for the summer, students are still being encouraged to recognize the next four weeks as "LGBTQ+ Pride Month."

What began as a commemoration of the June 1969 Stonewall riots for "gay" liberation has morphed into a month-long "celebration" of several alternative sexual lifestyles – compliments of the three most recent Democratic presidents: Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden.

Laurie Higgins is a culture and education writer at Breakthrough Ideas. She points out that most national holidays exist for one day, not an entire month.

"But if you will go to the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network [GLSEN] website and look at what they sponsor, it's definitely every month of the school year," Higgins tells AFN. "And often it's every week in the school year [that] there is some day to celebrate leftists' ideas about sexual behavior."

Higgins, Laurie (Illinois Family Institute) Higgins

Pro-LGBTQ+ observances during the month of June include "pride" marches and parades in major cities across the country that often feature full- and near-nude participants – in the presence of young children.

While "Pride Month" – as well as "LGBT History Month" in October – supposedly are to recognize the "ongoing fight for LGBTQ+ rights," Higgens argues such observances are not about ending bullying or anything else. As she correctly points out, public schools have had anti-bullying policies for decades.

"[This is] about promoting leftist ideas about … the proper boundaries for sexuality. They want to eradicate any boundary except consent," she laments.

Higgin warns it will take a generation or more to weed out ingrained "gay doctrine" – and contends the best option for parents right now is to pull their children from public schools.

Politically incorrect truth

Part of that ingrained gay doctrine preaches that homosexuality is not a choice but a biological reality – and therefore cannot be changed. However, The Ruth Institute has done extensive research that draws attention to the numerous individuals who have left the LGBTQ lifestyle. Spokeswoman Dr. Jennifer Morse explains the Institute's research proves individuals are not born homosexual.

Morse, Dr. Jennifer Roback (Ruth Institute) Morse

"If you ask the question, How many people are gay and have always been gay? – there's a certain number for that," she tells AFN. "And then you ask the question How many people today describe themselves as heterosexual but at one time had some aspect of a homosexual or lesbian identity? – you find out that there are more ex-gays than there are gays."

Morse argues society needs to focus on those who have left the lifestyle. "You've got many, many people who have, in fact, journeyed away from some kind of gay identity who are, for all practical purposes, living heterosexual lives married to opposite sex partners, fathering children, being mothers to children."

And their stories need to be told, she contends – especially to encourage others that it is possible and has been done by millions of people.

Father Paul Sullins – a Roman Catholic priest, senior research associate at The Ruth Institute, and former sociology professor at Catholic University – found that sexual orientation is more malleable than LGBTQ activists claim. The "born this way" narrative doesn't match up with the results of Sullins' research.