Union 'plot' exposed

Union 'plot' exposed

Union 'plot' exposed

A conservative organization in Arkansas is voicing concern over a proposed ballot initiative that, if passed, would end education freedom and create new welfare programs.

Nicholas Horton, founder and CEO of Opportunity Arkansas, says unions are behind the "plot," and its supporters are not being honest with Arkansans.

Horton, Nicholas (Red Truck Strategies) Horton

"We have seen this even on video footage right now," he accounts. "They're saying, 'Well, it's about fairness and … creating equal standards.' This is about a lot more than fairness. In fact, I don't'think there's really anything fair about the proposal."

Under the proposed amendment, private schools would reportedly have to meet the same academic and accreditation standards as government schools, and if they fail to do so, they would forfeit any ability to receive state grants, local grants, property or other tax credits, or virtually any other taxpayer funding.

"If they choose to stay in the program, [religious schools] would be forced to teach things that violate their strongly held religious beliefs," Horton summarizes.

In terms of the "massive new welfare programs," he says this amendment calls for a blank check to provide a universal early childhood program, universal after-school and summer programs, and a new general assistance program for families making up to nearly $94,00 per year.

"These aren't for low-income folks only," he asserts. "These aren't time-limited; there's no work requirements. These are universal welfare programs that would become constitutional rights if they became part of the state constitution in Arkansas."

Horton says his organization is working "really hard" to get the word out and making sure people know the truth about what is being circulated.