Diversity of thought not welcome at Westminster

Diversity of thought not welcome at Westminster

Diversity of thought not welcome at Westminster

The Presbyterian college has sided with an administrator who didn't want a black conservative on campus speaking against DEI, abortion, and transgenderism.

Dylan Kresak, chairman of the Westminster College Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter, says last week's event was canceled because of ridiculous demands and last-minute changes.

After enduring a very long process last semester to get the chapter going at Westminster, he was originally working on a contract to get a speaker event planned for the end of March.

"I reached out to the school administration with the contract, and after a lot of, how should we say, intense deliberations, there were amendments made to the contract," Kresak reports. "There were a lot of security concerns that were sort of slowing down the event."

YAF had invited Vince Ellison, "a passionate black voice in the conservative movement, to speak out against the Left's DEI, abortion, and transgenderism agendas," which are reportedly active on campus.

What Kresak considers arbitrary restrictions were placed on the event, and then, two business days before it was scheduled, the school's advisor to YAF resigned without warning.

Gina Vance, vice dean of student affairs, had cited security concerns as a "reason" for her imposition of the countless hurdles she had imposed and told the YAF faculty advisor that she alone would be responsible for ensuring security at the event; the student organization was not allowed to hire security professionals to take that on.

Because the advisor was uncomfortable with that unusual request, she passed her advisor role on to a new faculty member, which Vance viewed as an opportunity to cancel the event altogether.

"Vance notified me, and then three minutes later, she canceled the event," the YAF chairman relays.

She also told him he would have to wait until next semester to appeal with the new advisor.

At the moment, YAF is not taking legal action, and Kresak hopes that remains the case.