The scary thing about this 'out and proud' support

The scary thing about this 'out and proud' support

The scary thing about this 'out and proud' support

Amid the campus protests against Israel, an outspoken conservative Christian is concerned that a large group of students at UCLA have evidently converted to Islam.

Most parents sending their kids off to university probably never expect them to return home as bona fide Muslims, but that could very well be the story for a lot of families after these protests. At UCLA, for instance, a group of possibly hundreds can be seen bowing in unison during Islamic prayers after converting to the faith "on the spot."

Wesley Wildmon, vice president of the American Family Association (AFA), does not think most of them know what they are doing.

Wildmon, Wesley Wildmon

"I've read a couple stories where there are a certain number of protestors that are being either paid or they're there to instigate things, to cause turmoil," he relays.

He acknowledges, though, that a good number of converts do understand what Islam, Hamas, and Sharia law are, and he finds that scary.

"They're not hiding, or they're not keeping to themselves their support for terrorism," Wildmon observes. "In this case, apparently, they support what took place on October 7th, or they wouldn't be out and proud of it."

Comparing it to the sports world, he submits that fans generally stay quiet if their team does something to which they are morally opposed. Still, he thinks the majority are participating in the anti-Israel protests and prayers simply to stir chaos and disruption.

At the minimum, Wildmon believes those in charge at the affected campuses should not be allowing these things to keep going on.

"A peaceful protest is part of being an American, what makes us unique and different," he notes. "But a lot of these are getting outside the peaceful side of things, and it's showing the real, true colors of what Islam and what Hamas and the supporters of it are really about."

In recent days, police have arrested nearly 2,200 people during anti-Israel riots at college campuses across the United States, sometimes using riot gear, tactical vehicles, and flash-bang devices to clear tent encampments and occupied buildings.

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