The ugly truth about U.S. universities

The ugly truth about U.S. universities

The ugly truth about U.S. universities

College is supposed to be a place where people can share different ideas and viewpoints to gain a better understanding of the world and of each other, but a Christian apologist doesn't think that's the reality.

Frank Turek of Cross Examined says because colleges and universities have to allow free access for everyone, officially, it is not true that free speech only applies for those who agree with the liberal way of thinking.

Turek, Frank (Christian apologist) Turek

"Practically, it often turns out that way," he adds. "So, officially, it's viewpoint neutral on a college campus, but practically, especially people who are putting forth a conservative agenda are often heckled or somehow corralled or threatened or abused or shouted down so they can't say what they need to say."

People like Riley Gaines, Charlie Kirk, and Ben Shapiro, for example, get protested and almost physically bullied when they are invited to speak at campus events. In fact, Riley Gaines had to spend some time locked in a room at San Francisco State University last year to prevent the protestors from hurting her.

Turek says a college administration will often participate in this kind of discrimination by either preventing conservative events from being scheduled or by allowing protestors to interrupt their events or keep people from attending them.

He calls that totalitarian.

"The college campus, is, other than the White House, the most anti-Christian free speech real estate in America," the apologist submits. "They don't want certain views to be said. They are a self-selecting group of leftists where more than 90% of the professors identify with the Left."

That unofficial censorship of any conservative viewpoints, he says, is why so many institutions of higher learning have become leftist indoctrination centers.