McFarland: Two incidents, at two schools, share post-modern theme

McFarland: Two incidents, at two schools, share post-modern theme

McFarland: Two incidents, at two schools, share post-modern theme

A Christian apologist is reacting to separate school-related incidents in his home state of North Carolina, where both incidents sadly describe the current state in many public schools today.

In one incident, a student at Central Davidson High School was suspended for three days for saying the words “illegal aliens” during a class assignment in English class, according to a College Fix story. The story links to the student’s written reprimand which claims he made a “racially insensitive comment” during class.

The unnamed student, who is 16, later said the English class was doing a vocabulary assignment and he was asking the teacher to clarify “alien” on the word list.

Central Davidson High, located in Lexington, serves approximately 900 students.

Reacting to that incident, North Carolina native Alex McFarland tells AFN his “heart was broken” to learn a public school in his state would punish a student for using the phrase “illegal alien,” which is a legal term and not a pejorative, McFarland says.

“Even here in the Bible Belt,” he says, “public education is less about truth and more about woke Socialist ideology.”

McFarland has learned about a second public school incident, this time at Parkland High School located in Winston-Salem. In that school, someone recorded video of a student cursing and slapping a female teacher – twice – as other students watch. The teacher stayed seated and did not fight back.

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Reacting to that incident, McFarland says he was not surprised to learn it happened in today’s post-modern, value-less public school setting.

“For decades now,” he says, “public school students have been taught there are no moral boundaries, there is no accountability before God.”

The violent school incident, McFarland adds, also points back to broken homes without a two-parent family.

Despite the ugly act of violence, the good news is the school took action – probably because of the viral video – and the teenager was arrested and is now facing misdemeanor charges for assault.

The school is also treating the incident as a “level six” offense meaning the student will likely be expelled, according to News 12, an ABC affiliate.

In the case of the Central Davidson teen who was suspended, AFN was unable to find an update from last week that resolved that incident in favor of the teen.