Take note: Music curriculum made political at UNM

Take note: Music curriculum made political at UNM

Take note: Music curriculum made political at UNM

The largest university in New Mexico is being criticized for injecting leftist ideology into what is usually a politically neutral field of study.

The University of New Mexico is looking for a new professor – specifically, a "decolonized music education" professor. The job posting also calls for "a demonstrated commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion …"

Matt Lamb, an associate editor for The College Fix, tells AFN music classes should continue to teach students a variety of music from the world's various cultures.

"That's really great, and that's something that should be honored and something that should be promoted," he states, "but we don't need to turn music curriculum into a leftist-organizing workshop …. Like many universities, the University of New Mexico taking what should be a very politically neutral topic – music – and injecting politics into it."

Lamb, Matt (The College Fix) Lamb

According to Lamb, universities take this route and become political echo chambers by posting job openings that require applicants to adhere to certain leftist ideologies. He also contends universities employ this method to weed out conservative professors.

"Because they will have job postings like this that are ostensibly open to all political ideologies – but only leftists talk about 'decolonization,'" he argues.

"… Whether it's beautiful paintings themed from the Gospel of Matthew, or whether it's dance performances that highlight different cultures, we don't need to inject politics into the classroom further," he says. "But that's unfortunately what the University of New Mexico's doing."

And according to The College Fix, it's not just the University of New Mexico. The group reports that The University of California-Berkely has a "social justice theater practitioner" and The Ohio State University has an "anti-racist dance instructor."