Unprecedented lawsuit to crush political correctness

Unprecedented lawsuit to crush political correctness

Unprecedented lawsuit to crush political correctness

A father is suing a California high school for championing abusers and vilifying victims.

During Back to School Night in September 2022, when Brian Salem visited his son's English class at Venice High School in the West Los Angeles area, he noticed the teacher had prominently displayed the LGBTQ+ pride flag in her class.

At his request, she initially took down the flag, but Salem's son informed him the next day that the flag was still there. A few days later, the teacher brought in a "Restorative Justice" lecturer, who singled Salem out and told the class that homosexuals and transgenders are victims who deserve apologies or reparations in some form from the rest of society.

Since then, MassResistance has been working with the family, who reached out to the organization for help in filing this lawsuit.

"Brian Selem is very brave in coming forward," field director Arthur Schaper begins. "He was not just raped; he was homosexually raped. We have to call it what it is. There is such a political correctness in our culture about this."

He thinks Salem deserves a lot of credit for bringing this unprecedented lawsuit against the Los Angeles Unified School District and insists people need to understand the dad's viewpoint.

Schaper, Arthur (MassResistance) Schaper

"That LGBT flag represents abuse, trauma, harm, neglect, confusion, molestation, shame, and … I would say in every case, a homosexual has suffered one or more of those traumas," Schaper submits. "He is using their own legal culture, their own legal arguments against them."

The main argument the LGBTQ+ lobby uses is they are trying to speak up and give a voice to a protected class.

"His answer in part is, 'Well, I'm the victim of homosexual rape. I am a victim of sexual abuse,'" Schaper relays. "'I am a protected class as well, and that flag is an offense to me. It's a symbol that's normalizing this perversion.'"

"We need the world to understand that no matter where it is in the country, people are fed up with this vile ideology being shoved down people's throats," the MassResistance spokesman adds.

Salem, he says, is channeling the sentiment that his organization has been voicing against this tyrannical agenda for years. Since the so-called "gay rights" movement became institutionalized in America, hundreds of thousands of boys and men have suffered homosexual rape, according to reports.

Even the pro-LGBT New York Times admits it: More than 100,000 men have been sexually assaulted in the military in recent decades. Yet the problem is rarely covered by the mainstream media.

Salem's lawsuit cites eight California statutes that the school has allegedly violated, their refusal to comply with the opt-out laws, their refusal to notify parents regarding speakers, civil rights and disability obligations, and other blatant violations.

The suit is asking for damages, citing intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligence. It is seeking injunctive relief, including compliance with all of the California statutes – and also removing all LGBTQ+ flags and other symbolism from all classrooms, unless the district allows flags and symbolism of countering viewpoints alongside them.