Momentum is mounting

Momentum is mounting

Momentum is mounting

With more states offering more options in public education, an advocate for educational freedom says the growing support for school choice is evident.

Last month, Alabama became the nation's 15th state to enact education savings accounts and the 10th state to offer universal education choice.

Blanks, Walter (AFC) Blanks

"Parents have been paying attention to what's been happening in the current education landscape over the past three to four years now, and they want other options," Walter Blanks, Jr. of the American Federation for Children (AFC) explains. "I don't think that is an indictment on the public education system; I just believe that parents want more flexibility."

Though he does not think this growth is "the ultimate" for school choice, Blanks does believe much more is to come.

"Looking down the line, looking further ahead, I anticipate even more innovative ways to educate children, even beyond what we're doing currently with school choice legislation," he tells AFN.

Three other states are also making progress on school choice, though their proposals are not as robust as Alabama's. Wyoming soon became the 16th state to offer education savings accounts, and Georgia is, in The Daily Signal's words, "on the cusp" of becoming the 17th state.

New Hampshire's House of Representatives has also passed a bill to expand eligibility for the state's Education Freedom Accounts.