Parents, faith leaders want to win back their state

Parents, faith leaders want to win back their state

Parents, faith leaders want to win back their state

Two organizations in California have teamed up and launched a statewide petition to get leaders to protect kids from LGBTQ+ ideology in public schools.

In her recent appearance on One America News, Sarah Stephens, founder of Time to Stand!, shared why her group and Don't Mess With Our Kids are gathering signatures and planning a mass prayer event at the state Capitol April 13th.

Stephens, Sarah (Time to Stand!) Stephens

"We're encouraging people don't just come to Sacramento to pray," Stephens noted. "Please, please, for the next two weeks, we're asking people to motivate themselves, to get out there and go in front of their grocery stores, sporting events, their kids' schools, and get as many signatures as possible."

She said Californians far and wide have already pledged to sign the petition.

"We have people all across the state of California that are going to meet us at the Capitol and bring hundreds, if not thousands of signatures," Stephens relayed. "If anyone would like to be a part of our pledge drive, please go to TimeToStand.org/pledge. It's going to take all of us to win this state back."

She believes "every child is worth so much."

"Every child's life is worth the future of our destiny here in California, our future of America," Stephens continued. "It is worth everything to go out and get these signatures, because we do not want to lose this next generation."

Thousands of faith leaders and parents gathered at a similar event in downtown Los Angeles last month. The upcoming "Call to the Capitols" will be from 1:00-3:00 that Saturday afternoon.