Female fights back: Student sues VA school district over trans policies

Female fights back: Student sues VA school district over trans policies

Female fights back: Student sues VA school district over trans policies

A transgender-obsessed public school district in Virginia is being sued by a female student for allowing teen boys to use girls’ restrooms and locker rooms, and for requiring students to use a fellow student’s make-up names and pronouns.

America First Legal filed the lawsuit March 4 in the county’s circuit court on behalf of the student, a high school senior and self-described Catholic, whose identify is being protected by the law firm, according to a Washington Examiner story.   

Virginia resident Jeff Katz, a weekday talk show host, tells AFN nobody there is surprised to learn the lawsuit was filed in Fairfax County.

"Fairfax and Loudoun County, and that inner circle Arlington, Alexandria, right around D.C.,” he advises, “are really far left-supporting portions of the state."

Katz, Jeff Katz

Fairfax County, known for its wealthy suburbs paid for by U.S. taxpayers, has a population of 1.1 million in a suburban ring around Washington, D.C.

Loudoun County became infamous for its liberal public school district that covered up a “gender-fluid” male student’s sexual assault of a female classmate. The school district was fighting parents over a transgender-friendly policy when the arrest of the girl’s father at a school board meeting led to the revelation the boy was moved to a second high school, where he assaulted a second female student.

In October 2020, Fairfax County Schools jumped on the transgender bandwagon with supposed guidance for “Gender-Expansive and Transgender Students,” according to the Examiner story.

Despite the back-to-back sexual assaults in Loudoun County, Katz points out Fairfax County schools is ignoring a rule imposed by Gov. Glenn Youngkin that requires public school students to use restrooms and locker rooms that align with their biological sex.

The talk show host is also familiar with the student form that forces students – against their will – to pledge to use made-up names and pronouns

 “I don't know if there's a suspension involved, or if students wouldn't be allowed to attend schools,” he says, “but they have to agree that they will call anybody by any name that they want.”

According to the Examiner story, Fairfax County students are required to take an exam and then sign the “Students Rights and Responsibilities” form.

AFN found the main web page for “Students Rights and Responsibilities” on the school district's website. The document, which is more than 70 pages in length, refers to "chosen names and pronouns" on page 8.

A parent's signature is required by state law, the Fairfax schools website says. 

The mother of the plaintiff informed the school principal her daughter was refusing to abide by what she called “compelled speech.”

The mother was informed by the school employee students are not allowed to opt out of signing the document.