Wokeism's highest virtue on display

Wokeism's highest virtue on display

Wokeism's highest virtue on display

For the sake of their own health, the last two Dartmouth students have ended their hunger strike for Hamas after 11 days. But one conservative doesn't think that'll be the end of the protests.

The hunger strike was meant to, among other things, force the school to cut ties with Israel, call for a ceasefire, and re-evaluate its academic exchange with Israeli universities. The remaining two students reportedly agreed to resume eating after they reached an agreement with the institution on March 1.

A campus email from Dean of the College Scott Brown states that the chair of the Advisor Committee on Investor Responsibility for the Dartmouth Board of Trustees would "meet termly over the course of the year with the Dartmouth New Deal Coalition" and discuss the process for submitting a divestment proposal.

Jon Schweppe, policy director for the American Principles Project, says this is an example of "wokeism."

Schweppe, Jon (APP) Schweppe

"This is almost a cult-like devotion to this ideology, and I think, especially since this woke progressivism seems to be comfortable with violence to achieving their political ends, I think this is only going to get worse," he warns.

He thinks college students lack the knowledge and experience to really understand why they are protesting Israel.

"This is what wokeism teaches kids the highest virtue is -- protesting over an issue you don't totally understand and showing emotional arguments as opposed to logical ones or reason or how factual they are," Schweppe submits.

He reiterates that these bizarre protests will not stop because they are so critical to how radical students view the world.

In Dartmouth's case, the authors of the New Deal have warned that if the college does not address and provide a timeline for implementing their proposal, "physical action" will be needed.