UArizona spending millions on dysphoria promotion

UArizona spending millions on dysphoria promotion

UArizona spending millions on dysphoria promotion

The federal government is giving the University of Arizona grant dollars to provide mental health services for LGBTQ+ youth.

Matt Lamb, an associate editor for The College Fix, says the federal government is going to spend almost $4 million in grants "for LGBT mental health services and outreach, particularly aimed at youth."

The money will reportedly assist the University of Arizona in its mission to help in "projects of importance to diverse groups." This includes a $1.2 million grant to the institution's Family Pride Initiative, which trains parents, counselors, and others to care for youth who choose the LGBTQ+ lifestyle.

The programs will also use the grant money to "conduct outreach with the Arizona Department of Child Safety and the local juvenile court system to reach youth and their families who may need these services," according to a news release.

Lamb, Matt (The College Fix) Lamb

"This is part of a broader theme of taxpayer dollars being used, put through … universities to promote LGBTQ beliefs among young people," Lamb laments. "Instead of providing counseling to help young people with their gender dysphoria … this money is being used to promote it."

He asserts similar situations are happening at other universities.

"At the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, there is a professor who received money specifically to develop a program that matches older LGBT adults with younger LGBT minors, specifically designed to talk to them without their parents knowing," Lamb notes. "Our taxpayer dollars – because it's federally funded, and it's through the state university in Arizona – are being used to promote transgenderism and homosexuality to young people."

Meanwhile, the University of Arizona is increasing tuition and struggling with massive debt.