Whistle-blowing school staff attempt counter-revolution in CA to end years of Marxist madness

Whistle-blowing school staff attempt counter-revolution in CA to end years of Marxist madness

Whistle-blowing school staff attempt counter-revolution in CA to end years of Marxist madness

A struggling public school district that forced California teachers to attend Marxist-based work sessions, and then fired a teacher who complained publicly about it, has been hit with a civil rights complaint that documents a struggle session-like work environment that didn’t allow contrary views.

AFN first reported in a February story how Glassbrook Elementary used federal funds set aside for improving test scores to contract with “Woke Kindergarten,” an educational website that promotes communism and revolution-themed topics for children.

That two-year contract, which cost $250,0000, meant Glassbrook teachers who attended training were told white supremacy and racist oppression are the real barriers to student achievement in the classroom.

Those barriers must be “dismantled” for students to achieve, the training sessions concluded.   

Glassbrook Elementary, where only 12% of its students can read at grade level, is part of the Hayward Unified School District, which is located in the Bay Area south of Oakland. 

AFN reported that one of the unhappy Glassbrook teachers who spoke out publicly is Tiger Craven-Neeley. After verbally opposing the workshops in front of fellow teachers, he eventually talked to The San Francisco Chronicle for a February 2 story and was later fired for doing so.

In an update to that story, the Washington Examiner reports Hayward is now named in a detailed civil rights complaint filed by the group Californians for Equal Rights Foundation. The complaint, filed with the civil rights division at the U.S. Department of Education, was filed on behalf of Craven-Neely and two other Hayward employees.  

Wenyuan Wu, executive director of Californians for Equal Rights Foundation, tells AFN the group was approached two years ago by Hayward staff members who objected to the professional development workshops about race and racism.

“They did not feel that they were treated equally with respect,” Wu says of the complaining school staff. “They felt that they were compelled to endorse an ideology."

Those workshops are known by the acronym AB/AR, which means “anti-racism” and “anti-bias,” and they mirror the struggle sessions initiated by China’s communist leader, Chairman Mao. In those infamous public sessions, a mob of committed Communists humiliated and threatened others who did not conform to and espouse the beliefs of Mao and the Chinese Communist Party.

In the Chronicle story, Craven-Neely said other teachers confronted him at a staff meeting when he asked questions, such as what does it mean to “disrupt whiteness” and how does that help third graders learn to read and write better.

One teacher even called him a “danger” to the school for disagreeing with the AB/AR sessions. 

In communist and Marxist thinking, he would be considered a dangerous “counter-revolutionary” for his actions.

For its civil rights complaint, Californians for Equal Rights Foundation documented first-hand accounts of the training sessions going back several years. The whistle blowers also handed over the documents they were handed in the sessions, and those materials are included in the 32-page complaint.