They want 'inclusion,' so give them the gospel

They want 'inclusion,' so give them the gospel

They want 'inclusion,' so give them the gospel

An education policy expert says a federal agency is giving schools taxpayer dollars to twist science to fit an unscientific narrative because they have a God-shaped hole in their hearts.

The University of Minnesota, Colorado State University, and Florida International University are sharing about $1 million from the National Science Foundation to make their biology classes more "inclusive" for "students who identify as transgender, non-binary, or gender-nonconforming."

On its website, the federal agency states that diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility are a "high priority."

Meg Kilgannon, senior fellow for education studies with the Family Research Council (FRC), says this kind of program is a great example of the way government is used by agencies to promote progressive ideology.

Kilgannon, Meg (FRC) Kilgannon

"This is a form of weaponization of government," Kilgannon asserts. "The National Science Foundation wants to award people who think like them and who think that biology is not inclusive, which is absurd, because it is."

"What they really should be doing is protecting free expression and free inquiry in education, not mandating the way that topics should be addressed based on people's political views or their personal sexual identities," she argues.

The education policy expert adds that professors are only discussing these controversial issues through a lens of oppression or some other limiting point of reference, never a Biblical worldview.

And since it is "not possible" to make biology more inclusive, Kilgannon thinks these three universities are going to spend these taxpayer dollars "on whatever they like."

As for college students who are subjected to this kind of teaching, she advises them to "share the gospel."

"If people are trying to make biology more inclusive, it's because they're searching for something to fill the God-shaped hole that's in their heart," Kilgannon reasons. "So, bring to them the good news."