ISD's 'mind-boggling' culture of acceptance on display

ISD's 'mind-boggling' culture of acceptance on display

ISD's 'mind-boggling' culture of acceptance on display

A Texas teacher is on administrative leave for dressing in women's clothing at school, but a family advocate wonders why his antics were allowed for so long.

Libs of TikTok recently posted a video of Rachmad Tjachyadi (pictured above) wearing a pink dress and a pink cowboy hat while at work at Hebron High School in the Lewisville Independent School District (ISD).

Brady Gray, president of the Texas Family Project, says there were also photographs of him in an Ursula costume at school, at prom in a red dress and red heels, and in class wearing women's tights and a tutu. He laments that this sort of thing has gotten more common in recent years.

Gray, Brady (Texas Family Project) Gray

"It's getting to the point where it's not surprising anymore, sadly," Gray says. "Every week, we're finding another situation where it's either an educator, it's some person in authority who is either engaged is some sort of drag or, God forbid, just dozens of instances of grooming and actually assaulting children."

He thinks this issue is becoming an epidemic.

"I think that people ought to recognize that this exposes one of two possibilities of Lewisville ISD, and it is either, A: You gave him a culture that allowed him to be comfortable to wear what he wore to school, or B: There is a just incredibly ridiculous lack of oversight in the hiring process, that they didn't know what they were hiring."

But in this case, the administration and leadership at that school knew what was happening, which means they had created a culture where it was acceptable.

"That is just mind-boggling and something that needs to be addressed all the way up to the highest level at Hebron High School and at Lewisville ISD," Gray submits.

Some community members and students at Hebron High have come to the teacher's defense with a petition demanding that Mr. Tjachyadi be allowed to return to work. As of Friday, it had received more than 1,000 signatures.