Explicit books get expelled

Explicit books get expelled

Explicit books get expelled

The group that pushed to get more than 30 books removed from school shelves is celebrating a victory in Florida.

Jack Knocke, executive director for Citizens Defending Freedom in Nassau County, says they started checking shelves in the Nassau County School District after some of the surrounding counties discovered inappropriate books in their schools.

Knocke, Jack (Citizens Defending Freedom) Knocke

"We went through the process to notify the school district that these books were inappropriate," he tells AFN. "They had sexual content, they violated Florida statutes, and we wanted to have them removed from the schools."

His team compiled a list and presented its findings to the school district, and that included a link to a website called BookLooks.org, which jumps right to examples of the explicit material in a book.

"There seems to be a general theme in our country about sexualizing children at an early age, providing … school curriculum, comprehensive sex education, the books in the schools, or just apps and media," Knocke laments.

In this case, after reviewing the findings, the Nassau County School Board agreed that the books violated the law, and in the end, 34 were removed from school shelves.