OH school district gives fair warning about armed teachers

OH school district gives fair warning about armed teachers

OH school district gives fair warning about armed teachers

A public school district in Ohio is giving a fair warning to a would-be gunman: the school principal and the English teacher might be packing heat.

It is a known fact a school classroom and its students are vulnerable to a crazed gunman but Clermont County, Ohio is letting a would-be gunman know a bullet could be waiting behind the classroom door.

Schools across the New Richmond Exempted Village School District have put up signs around their campuses that state:

Attention, please be aware that the staff may be armed and will use whatever force is necessary to protect our students and staff.

The school district took action about the Ohio legislature approved a bill that allows school staff to be armed while at work on campus.

Ohio-based activist Linda Harvey, of Mission America, says she supports the state law and the public school district that is protecting its schools.

"We need to have every possible strong motivation, on an ongoing basis, to protect our children,” she says. "And my fear is that we have lost sight of our top priority, which is their physical protection."

WXIX, a Fox News affiliate, reports staff who want to carry must follow a long list of rules including obtaining a valid gun license and completing approved training. They must also keep the firearm concealed, load it with approved ammunition, and they are not allowed to chamber a round unless under specific conditions.

Superintendent Tracey Miller told WXIX the signs went up after the school district discussed the issue for two years.

“It’s just to let our community and visitors that come to our campus know we have a policy in place where staff members here could be potentially armed,” Miller said of the signage.