Federal investigation list continues to grow

Federal investigation list continues to grow

Federal investigation list continues to grow

George Mason University has joined the list of institutions the Biden Administration is investigating for antisemitism on campus.

Matt Lamb, associate editor for The College Fix, says students at numerous U.S. colleges and universities have been protesting in favor of so-called Palestinians and against Jews.

Lamb, Matt (The College Fix) Lamb

"This situation has certainly been boiling on college campuses for years," he tells AFN. "Jewish students, in the eyes of many professors and … DEI staffers, they're sort of lumped in oftentimes with white students, and they're part of the oppressors."

That, he says, has gotten worse since the terrorist attacks on October 7, when 1,200 people, including 31 Americans, died and around 240 others were abducted.

At George Mason, which is located just outside of Washington, D.C., the Jewish advocacy group called Stop Antisemitism posted a video on social media of a fellow student ripping down two fliers of hostages kidnapped by Hamas.

When the person filming asks the girl why she would do that, she accuses the man of spreading "propaganda" before ripping the flier into pieces and handing them to him.

"This guy's not even Israeli," he points out to her. "He's Thai."

On October 31, soon after the video was posted on X, the university released a statement announcing its own investigation.

"While we have been advised by the Commonwealth's Attorney that the conduct does not appear to be criminal in nature, it does violate our student code of conduct, and we will address it in accordance with the code," the statement reads. "George Mason University remains committed to maintaining a welcoming environment for everyone and is acting accordingly."

The Department of Education's investigation for "discrimination involving shared ancestry" was opened on December 22.

"Everyone should be protected on a college campus from hostilities, from open, directed attacks, and that's what these universities are now confronting very publicly," Lamb responds.

Stanford and Harvard are examples of other universities that have garnered negative attention in recent months for anti-Israel and anti-Jewish sentiment on their campuses.