Terrorist-defending teachers hijacking education

Terrorist-defending teachers hijacking education

Terrorist-defending teachers hijacking education

Conservatives agree that focusing on educating instead of indoctrinating is the best way teachers can protect their careers.

Emory University's Winship Cancer Institute has fired Dr. Abeer AbouYabis for her social media posts, including a poem praising the terrorists who flew hang gliders into a music festival and killed Israeli civilians on Oct. 7.

"They got walls we got gliders/ Glory to all resistance fighters. Palestine is our demand/ No peace on stolen land," she wrote on Facebook after attending a rally with Emory Students for Justice in Palestine. "Not another nickel not another dollar/ We will pay For israel slaughter. Not another nickel not another dime/ We will pay for israel crimes."

As reported by the campus newspaper, leadership recognizes that everyone comes from different backgrounds and holds different beliefs, but they insist that all members of the Emory community treat each other with dignity and respect "at all times."

"There is no place in our community for language and behavior based in hatred, that incites violence and is counter to the values that unite us as health care professionals and educators," they wrote.

Matt Lamb of The College Fix says the decision to fire Dr. AbouYabis was made in Emory's best interest.

Lamb, Matt (The College Fix) Lamb

"The university could have been harmed," he points out. "Perhaps other organizations wouldn't have wanted to work with Emory. Perhaps Jewish patients would not have wanted to go there. If they hadn't fired her, there could have been protests; they could have lost business."

He says these types of situations have been popping up across the country since Hamas invaded Israel.

In Montgomery County, Maryland, Sabrina Khan-Williams, a World Studies teacher and a team leader for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) at Tilden Middle School, is under investigation for her social media posts about the war between Hamas and Israel, including one suggesting that the Oct. 7 attack never happened.

Jeffrey Trimbath, president of the Maryland Family Institute, points out that teachers play important roles and have great influence over children.

"It's sad when those teachers decide to use those positions to lie to children, which is what this teacher apparently did," he laments.

He says teachers should focus on the right things, "not defending terrorists."

Trimbath, Jeffrey (Maryland Family Institute) Trimbath

"They need to focus on the ABCs and the 123s rather than focusing on their left-wing ideology and indoctrination of the next generation," Trimbath contends. "We need to get our schools back to what they should be doing, which is educating the next generation."

After studying the connection between family formation and educational achievement, his organization has released "The State of the Maryland Family," a report on the subject.

Sabrina Khan-Williams' case has been reported to the appropriate school department, which is responsible for carrying out the investigation.

At Emory, the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE) is criticizing the university for "chilling" Dr. AbouYabis' right to express herself, no matter how offensive her particular views may be to others.

"Professors call Republicans or conservatives, they compare with Nazis," Lamb relays. "They compare them to Hitler, and they keep their jobs. But at least in this situation, it seems that Emory has drawn a line on what they will tolerate."

Trimbath concludes that America needs strong families to serve in education