Palestine's supporters know not what they do

Palestine's supporters know not what they do

Palestine's supporters know not what they do

A Christian apologist advises the U.S. college students who continue to show their support for Hamas to sign up for a history class.

According to Dr. Frank Turek, president of CrossExamined.org, the conflict that has been going on in Israel for around 1,400 years has nothing to do with land.

"The Israelites were in Israel long before Palestine was ever named by Hadrian, who was the emperor in the second century that named Palestine after the Jews' mortal enemy, the Philistines," Dr. Turek explains.

The Jewish people, he says, were there first.

Turek, Frank (Christian apologist) Turek

"They're the indigenous people in the land," the apologist reiterates. "The modern-day Palestinians [are] claiming that they have a right to the land, when, in fact, Israel had been in there 1,500 years before the name even existed."

Dr. Turek does not believe the Palestine-supporting protestors know they are rooting for murderous invaders.

"Article 13 of the Hamas charter basically says that any conference we have or any sort of meeting we have to look for some kind of solution … is a vain waste of time," Turek cites. "They say Jihad is their only solution."

"Jihad" means "holy war." In other words, Hamas wants to kill all Jews in the name of their god. That is why whenever Israel proposes a two-state solution, it is always rejected.

"If all the Jews left Israel and moved to Vermont, Hamas would still want them dead," the apologist asserts.

This goes back to the foundation of Islam; it is not a new phenomenon.

"This is why every president from Clinton on has gotten this wrong," Dr. Turek concludes. "Whether they're Republicans or Democrats, they all get it wrong because it has zero to do with land. They want Jews dead."