Kit for 'rookies' modeled on successful school board campaigns

Kit for 'rookies' modeled on successful school board campaigns

Kit for 'rookies' modeled on successful school board campaigns

A national pro-liberty organization is continuing its efforts to get more people involved in running for school boards, offering what it calls a "game changer" as a resource.

Moms for Liberty has released what it calls a "first-of-its-kind School Board Candidate Campaign Kit." A press release from the organization describes the kit as a comprehensive package of information designed to empower school board candidates with the "knowledge and tools" needed to win campaigns in school board races.

Moms for Liberty designed the kit drawing on what it learned during the 2022 election cycle, which included endorsements in more than 500 campaigns across the United States.

Rogerson, Marie (Moms for Liberty) Rogerson

"Of all the races we endorsed in 2022, more than half of all of our first-time candidates won, which is an unprecedented win rate," says Marie Rogerson, executive director of program development for M4L. "With this innovative new Campaign Kit, candidates can avoid the pitfalls that tend to trip up first-time candidates. We have put this information together based on all of our lessons learned last cycle."

In addition to getting involved in school board races last year, Moms for Liberty co-founders Tina Descovich and Tiffany Justice have run for and been elected to school boards. The co-founders said they had many questions – but nowhere to find the answers.

"This candidate toolkit is going to be a game changer," says the Descovich. "We are proud to provide this tool kit for candidates to have their questions answered while also learning how to run an effective campaign."

Justice adds: "We are excited to empower liberty-minded individuals who want to make a difference in their communities and in their schools."

The campaign kit contains a candidate handbook, a workbook that assists candidates in creating a campaign plan and executing their campaign effectively, along with a collection of templates designed to help candidates create logos, mailers, etc. for school board campaigns.