Superintendent isn't interested in creating social warriors

Superintendent isn't interested in creating social warriors

Superintendent isn't interested in creating social warriors

A Christian commentator agrees with the superintendent of a school district in Oklahoma who says a drag queen performer has no place in an elementary school.

In the world of drag queen performance, 52-year-old Dr. Shane Murnan boasts the titles of Miss Gay Oklahoma America and Miss Gay Oklahoma USA. In June, Murnan did a story hour at the Metropolitan Library System. He regularly performs as "Shantel Mandalay" at a venue called the Boom.

Ryan Walters, the school district's superintendent, said hiring Murnan as the new principal of John Glenn Elementary School in Oklahoma City is a move to indoctrinate children with harmful Marxist ideology and a way to pit children against their parents.

Cultural analyst and commentator Janice Crouse agrees.

Crouse, Janice (CWA) Crouse

"I really liked what [Walters] had to say, and he doesn't mince words: 'We're not going to let them indoctrinate our kids,'" Crouse relays. "He says we're not here to create social warriors; we're here to create students who understand that education is a path to success."

She thinks Murnan's problematic history should further disqualify him from serving as a school principal.

"He was charged with having photographs on his computer of boys having sex, and he got off on a technicality that they couldn't positively prove that the boys were under 18 years of age," Crouse reports. "When you read deeper into the story, you discover [that] at the same time, he was charged with possession of marijuana."

Breitbart News notes that this is not the first instance of drag queens infiltrating schools. In New Jersey, a drag queen performer who also happens to be a school board member has called the passage of laws restricting drag queen performances for children a "disservice to young minds."

More than 12 states have such laws.