Parents, don't underestimate Planned Parenthood

Parents, don't underestimate Planned Parenthood

Parents, don't underestimate Planned Parenthood

With school back in session, a pro-lifer says parents should be aware of what their kids are learning about intimate matters.

Katie Brown of the American Life League (ALL) says so much of what children learn about the subject comes not from their peers, but from sex education at school – and that is often presented by pro-promiscuity organizations like Planned Parenthood.

Brown, Katie (ALL) Brown

"It's the parents' responsibility; a school has no business teaching your kid what they should do in their free time and how they should act around young boys and young girls," Brown contends. "The school's responsibility is to teach your child English, math, reading, [and] science … not to indoctrinate them with Planned Parenthood's sex education."

While she understands that many parents are reluctant to start that conversation with their children she points out that Planned Parenthood types are eager to fill that void.

"I think that what parents need to realize is that if they don't take control of that conversation, somebody else is going to. And nine times out of ten, if your kid's in public school, that somebody else is going to be Planned Parenthood," Brown states. "They're going to teach your kid, 'Go and do whatever you want. Have fun. Use condoms, but when you get in trouble, come see us, because we'll get you an abortion. And no, you don't need your parents' consent.'"

In an effort to "immunize" students against Planned Parenthood's agenda, ALL has some advice on how parents can have these necessary and age-appropriate discussions with their children.