Students are being taught in school, just not how to succeed in life

Students are being taught in school, just not how to succeed in life

Students are being taught in school, just not how to succeed in life

He might be a counter-revolutionary traitor in the eyes of woke faculty members but political science professor Nicholas Giordano keeps warning parents and the public their children are being turned into programmable political activists right under their noses.

Thanks to Giordano’s community college job, which is about to hit two decades, the Suffolk Community College political science professor has witnessed student achievement suffer during that time while political activism has increased and now shows no sign of slowing down.

“It’s the manipulation of young minds,” he bluntly told American Family Radio in a radio interview. “It’s frightening to see this far-left agenda being pushed down students’ throats, when these students haven’t developed critical-thinking skills they need.”  

In the interview with show host Jenna Ellis, Giordano said he is witnessing climate change activism at work in California, New Jersey, and Connecticut, where the topic is being introduced in state-level curriculum and showing up in a student’s art class and gym class.

Doing that, he says, meets the definition of indoctrination of young minds.

Climate change refers to the Earth's cooling and heating, which scientists say has occurred numerous times in the Earth's purported 4.5 billion-year history. In that time period, the planet has supposedly experienced five major ice ages due to natural fluctuations and is experiencing one right now. 

The issue of man-made climate change is different, however, because the claim is humans are damaging the planet with too much carbon dioxide from fossil fuels and cow farts, and therefore accelerating catastrophic changes. The supposed good news, however, is that mankind can survive if we give up meat, gasoline automobiles, and central air conditioning, and quit making babies - but time is supposedly running out. 

With the fate of mankind supposedly at stake, a subject that would normally be studied in a science class is showing up in the math class, where climate change is interwoven in a word problem.

In foreign language classes, students study the impact of climate change around the world and also “global citizenry,” a topic that sets off more alarm bells for many. 

In social studies, students are given an assignment: Create a project to inform others about climate change.

Giordano , Nicholas Giordano

Even in a physical education class, Giordano saw a classroom curriculum in which healthy eating was mentioned twice but climate change was mentioned eight times.

Summarizing the issue, Ellis compared it to Communist Party-like indoctrination of our youths, an accusation many would agree with, but the college professor took that analogy one step farther. Those same students, he said, are failing in basic subjects such as math, science, and English, which is no accident.

“Most students cannot pass a basic citizenship test,” he concluded, “and yet they're being indoctrinated with the belief that the only solution to the problem is through government, that you give government more power to tackle climate change."