Teacher taking threat to education seriously

Teacher taking threat to education seriously

Teacher taking threat to education seriously

An activist and research analyst for Christian family values applauds an English professor for suing his former employer for discriminating against him based on his skin color.

Diane Gramley, president of the American Family Association of Pennsylvania, says the prejudice against Professor Zack K. De Piero began as soon as he started his job at Penn State University, Abington.

"He filed a complaint because of the racism, and he was told to continue attending the—quote, unquote— 'antiracist' propaganda and also to seek mental help," Gramley relays.

Gramley, Diane (AFA of Pennsylvania) Gramley

"As time went on, the 'antiracist' movement continued gaining more power and traction at Penn State Abington to the point of pretty much becoming entrenched in the centralized mission of the school," De Piero told Campus Reform.

So he resigned from his position and filed a federal lawsuit against the university, alleging discrimination based on his race.

De Piero has said that this movement "seems like it wants students to view themselves and their peers as either the oppressed or the oppressors," and in his view, it threatens the mental and social wellbeing of students.

Gramley says De Piero's supervisors were "way over the board on this issue."

"He was an English professor, but he's being told how to teach that and that he's expected to teach that the English language itself is racist and that white supremacy exists in the teaching of writing of English," the conservative activist reports. "So, he's being told what he teaches is white supremacy."

Pointing out that few professors would be willing to sacrifice their jobs, Gramley applauds De Peiro for standing up to the system.