Uninformed voters, 'default Democrats' in the making

Uninformed voters, 'default Democrats' in the making

Uninformed voters, 'default Democrats' in the making

Conservative students have some theories for why "extreme pride in being American remains near record low" and why college towns are shifting Democratic.

As AFN has reported, a recent Gallup poll shows that at 39%, the share of U.S. adults who are "extremely proud" to be American is essentially unchanged from last year's 38% record low. The combined 67% of Americans who are now extremely or "very proud" (28%) also aligns with the 65% reading from a year ago.

Another 22% of U.S. adults currently say they are "moderately proud," while 7% are "only a little" and 4% "not at all."

Only 18% percent of 18-34-year-olds are proud to be Americans, and 38 of America's 171 college towns have flipped blue since the year 2000. Kale Ogunbor, a Campus Reform Gen Z representative, recently told Fox News that schools are training young people to lean a certain way.

"I think this is happening because a lot of my generation gets their information from social media, but also because of a lot of rhetoric that professors have on these college campuses and the administration of these same college campuses," she offered. "For example, as reported by Campus Reform, UC Santa Barbara held workshops for white privilege and microaggressions. That only sends a message that there's only one way to vote, and because of our age, we are default Democrats."

William Biagini, also of Campus Reform, added that a lot of liberal indoctrination is coming from professors.

"What this shows is that professors are perpetuating both anti-American sentiments as well as liberal indoctrination in the classroom," he told Fox News. "It's conditioning students to mindlessly scream at anybody else with an opposing viewpoint rather than think for themselves."

According to their colleague, Lena Branch, the best way to combat this is to educate students on history and civics.

"I think they absolutely have to make sure that history and civics are taught in the classroom again," Branch said. "This is a problem we're seeing all the way down to elementary school. I could ask my peers about the economy or the border, and they would know nothing. That's a huge problem, because we're producing uninformed voters."

She contends it is time to get history back into the classrooms and to get diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) funding and programs out of college institutions.