Activist claims DOE's 'inclusive' environment shuts out parents

Activist claims DOE's 'inclusive' environment shuts out parents

Activist claims DOE's 'inclusive' environment shuts out parents

An under-the-radar, government-funded "toolkit" is on the radar of a family advocate who claims the pro-LGBTQ material – destined for use in public schools – is just another attack on parental rights.

The Biden administration's Department of Education is pushing government schools across the country to adopt a pro-LGBTQ agenda by creating what it calls Gender and Sexuality Alliances. The DOE ostensibly claims GSA clubs – which used to be known as "Gay Straight Alliances" – are for the purpose of creating an "inclusive" environment for LGBTQ students.

But culture and education writer Laurie Higgins of Breakthrough Ideas argues the effort is just another way for government to usurp parental rights.

Higgins, Laurie (Illinois Family Institute) Higgins

"They sometimes change the name so it's not called a Gay Straight Alliance so parents don't know what it is," Higgins explains. "Most schools do not require parents to sign a permission slip to join these extracurricular clubs – so, they might not even know where their kids are going after school."

Higgins states the GSAs claim their objective is to create "supportive spaces" and protect the students from hostile book bans.

"The government has no business taking a moral position on sexual matters – and they have no right to impose one set of assumptions over others," she exclaims.

In June, the DOE held a presentation "Creating Inclusive and Nondiscriminatory School Environments for LGBTQI+ Students" (see toolkit by the same name). According to Daily Caller, the panel included several teenage LGBTQ activists and an eighth-grade transgender student who advocated for hormone treatments. A parental rights group, Higher Ground, provided a video of the presentation to Daily Caller.