Ever wonder who's on GLSEN's board of directors?

Ever wonder who's on GLSEN's board of directors?

Ever wonder who's on GLSEN's board of directors?

A culture and education writer says an LGBTQ+ advocacy organization with chapters in public schools all across the nation recruits its leaders from major corporations.

In her recent editorial, Laurie Higgins of Breakthrough Ideas explains that the Gay, Lesbian, & Straight Education Network (GLSEN) – an organization that works to "transform our nation's K-12 schools into the safe and affirming environment all [LGBTQ] youth deserve" – has been slowly growing for many years, recruiting homosexuals and gender-confused people who are in positions of power and influence.

"Now we see the influence they have in Target, in this huge institution [with] stores everywhere and is now promoting homosexuality and trans-cultism big time," she observes.

Higgins, Laurie (Illinois Family Institute) Higgins

According to her report, Carlos Saavedra, Target's vice president of brand marketing, is the treasurer on GLSEN's board of directors. Higgins likens Saavedra's work for Target to that of Alissa Heinerscheid, Bud Light's marketing executive who hired a grown man who pretends to be a pre-teen girl to help her "evolve and elevate" Bud Light.

The beer company has since struggled to recover from that campaign.

Meanwhile, Higgins says GLSEN's corporate allies remain focused on public schools.

"All their efforts are directed at public schools," she asserts. "They want to use public schools to normalize leftist beliefs on the morality and nature of homosexual acts, homosexual relationships and crossdressing."

Other members of GLSEN's board of directors include Linda A. Bagley, deputy general counsel at The Walt Disney Company; Kudzi Chikumbu, TikTok's global head of creator marketing; and Rocío Inclán, senior director of the National Education Association's (NEA) Center for Social Justice.