Another reason to get kids out of public schools

Another reason to get kids out of public schools

Another reason to get kids out of public schools

With socialists in charge of the country's public education, a Christian apologist says schools are ditching traditional grading and going with an equity-based method.

The theory behind "equitable grading" is it helps students who are falling behind catch up. It does not take a student's behavior into account, just their perceived knowledge of the subject matter. Project completion becomes obsolete. As do deadlines.

Dr. Alex McFarland of Truth for a New Generation says it eliminates one of the most important tasks of an education: Preparing students for the real world.

"Equitable grading is detached from traditional education, and it's definitely detached from life and reality," he submits.

McFarland, Alex (Christian apologist) McFarland

He likens it to getting a participation trophy. Such a system disincentivizes good students from pushing themselves in education because if everyone else in the class gets an A for zero effort, then why even try to do well?

"If everybody passes, if everybody gets a trophy, if everybody's going to get an A, where is the motivation?" the apologist poses. "Why work and invest and sweat?"

And while it is far from the only problem with public schools, he expects this will certainly contribute to their failures.

"This is why we are falling behind," McFarland asserts. "This is why in America, not only our schools are falling behind, our nation is falling behind. And this is just one more reason that parents need to get their kids out of public school."

He adds that when socialists are in charge of public education, this is the result.

"Public, secular education is not at all about truth or the development of the person, but it's all about contributing to the pragmatic utilitarian bottom line of a machine," McFarland concludes.