Parents urged to flee public schools, rescue kids from 'poison'

Parents urged to flee public schools, rescue kids from 'poison'

Parents urged to flee public schools, rescue kids from 'poison'

It's not a question of if – not even a question of when. Michele Bachmann says parents should withdraw their children from public schools immediately.

Trust between schools and parents has been irreversibly damaged, the former U.S. congresswoman and 2012 presidential candidate said last week during an interview on the "Understanding the Times" radio program – adding: "Our school system is completely gone now."

Whether it's the mission to teach Critical Race Theory as fact or the full embrace of the gender dysphoria movement, Bachmann – now dean of the Robertson School of Government at Regent University – says America's public schools have set themselves up as the sole authority on social issues involving their students.

In recent years, for example, California public schools have sought to provide "comprehensive school-based health care clinics … that would provide confidential access to decision-making rights." In other words, students would have the right to make life-altering decisions without parental knowledge.

It can happen in your state too

Stories of that type haven't come only from left-leaning California. Idaho, a red state, has dealt with the issue of parents' knowledge of school affairs as well.

Bachmann, Michele (Regent Univ.) Bachmann

"Parents and grandparents need to understand: children need to be removed from the public schools now. Our children are being targeted and attacked for chemical castration, boys and girls," Bachmann said.

Critical Race Theory teaches that racism is inherent in American society, that race is a social construct used for years and continuing today to oppress people of color. It also teaches that the law and legal institutions in America are inherently racist.

CRT has been at the core of debate when parents have attended and voice concerns at many school board meetings including those in Loudoun County, Virginia. There, in the shadow of Washington, DC, the state of public schools was a major talking point that helped win the governorship for Republican Glenn Youngkin in Virginia.

CRT has worked its way into school curriculum without a stone of dissent being cast, Bachmann said.

"The highest-valued ticket item is our children, and through the education system there was no vote at the federal level, there was no vote at the state level, even at school board levels – and yet simultaneously every K-12 school in the United States, whether it's a public school or charter school, which is a public school, they're all putting a completely different ideology in place in critical race theory," she said.

The influence of enemies

Bachmann sees the influence of America's enemies abroad in these domestic issues at home.

"I believe that countries like Communist China are at war with us. China has a demographic problem of its own. They don't have enough people who are coming up in the ranks. They want to attack the United States of America at every level, but they physically want to harm our children. How else can you explain what's going on? This is Luciferian. We are at war. We may not see tanks, but our children are paying the price," she said.

Bachmann, whose children were home schooled and also attended private Christian schools, urges parents to make whatever sacrifices are necessary to secure the education of their children in an atmosphere outside of public schools.

"If you have a child or grandchild in the public schools, you sell an extra car, you sell some stocks and bonds, you get your child out, you home school your child, you put your child in private Christian school. But do not allow the public school system to take your children and poison their spirit and poison their brain, and in fact mutilate their bodies. This isn't a choice anymore," Bachmann said.

Curriculums and social agendas are being pushed on children in a clear attempt to keep parents in the dark, she added.

According to Bachmann, the focus on schools is a building block in a larger plan for diminished American presence on world issues – and the plan is being carried out with the full consent of President Joe Biden and his administration.

"Remember, when Joe Biden assumed office the United States was the economic and military superpower on Earth and had been every morning that you and I woke up and drew breath. We are no longer the military superpower on Earth, nor are we the economic superpower on Earth. The deck is being reshuffled," Bachmann said. "Communist China knows that, Russia knows that, Iran knows that, North Korea knows that. They are making plans accordingly."

Whether it's missile testing and saber-rattling in North Korea, Russia's war in Ukraine, or China's threatening of Taiwan, the actions of America's enemies, says Bachmann, are proof they are not concerned with an American response.

"That's why they're making strange trade deals so that the United States dollar, which was the global reserve currency, is under direct attack and assault by America's enemies," Bachmann said. "It's all under the watchful gaze of the Biden administration and done with their consent."

And no one, she pointed out, in the Biden administration is panicking. "This is according to plan. They're either paid to look the other way," Bachmann explained, "or they're in on this deal of the intentional destruction of the United States and of the West."