Loo policy sparks protest at Waterloo

Loo policy sparks protest at Waterloo

Loo policy sparks protest at Waterloo

An education writer says more than 100 high school students in Illinois recently did something students all across the country should be doing.

Administrators at Waterloo High School have begun allowing girl students who pretend to be boys to use boys' restrooms. When students expressed their opposition to the policy, they were told that anyone uncomfortable sharing restrooms with peers of the opposite sex should use the single occupancy bathroom in the nurse's office.

So last month, 135 male students lined up to use that one restroom. Laurie Higgins of Breakthrough Ideas says it shows that female students are not the only ones who are humiliated when confronted with such policies.

"These students who engaged in that protest were justifiable," Higgins asserts. "The school, the adults in the school did not defend their human right to privacy."

Higgins, Laurie (Illinois Family Institute) Higgins

Higgins says schools are using Governor JB Pritzker's (D) legally non-binding guidance "created by his handpicked partisan and bigoted task force that recommends allowing boys and girls to use the private spaces of opposite-sex peers" as if it is law. But as she points out, the guidance contradicts state law.

"This solution of using a single-occupancy bathroom in the nurse's office was offered to trans-identifying students at almost every school when this phenomenon started taking root," Higgins continues. "And those students steadfastly refused to do that."

She adds that these bathroom policies force minors to do what the adults would not want to do.